We offer a full range of accounting services to meet your needs, from year-end accounting to assistance and consulting services, we have a solution for you. 


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Accounting & Assurance

Our firm provides professional compilation and review engagement services from small to medium sized
businesses. We can compile your financial records to provide meaningful financial statements or if you
require a review engagement, we can deliver meaningful financial statements providing limited
assurance, in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Corporate & Individual Taxation

Our firm provides careful tax planning which is an essential step in preparing our clients’ income tax
returns. By minimizing taxes; we strive to improve our clients' profitability. Whether you are a
medium sized company, a start-up or filing your individual return, we will provide you with the best
possible strategies to reduce your tax liabilities within the limits of the Canadian income tax act.

Estates & Trusts

Our firm provides services to prepare estate and trust tax returns and financial statements (if needed).
We endeavor to reduce the unneeded emotional stress related to tax filing obligations caused by the
loss of a loved one. We also provide services related to inter-vivos trusts.

Business Consulting

Our goal is to help your business succeed! Whatever your needs, we have the combined experience to
provide you with the tools and practices to improve your business operations, boost efficiencies and
increase the bottom line. If you have a business, we can help!

Billing Policy

Our clients are invoiced based on the work performed and the complexity of the work. Contact us to learn more.

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